• THE DOG RESCUERS - You can catch the new series of the dog rescuers on channel 5, Tuesday evenings at 8pm. The series follows the work of the RSPCA inspectors and the animals they rescue. It’s a great insight into the work carried out by the RSPCA and well worth a watch. Don’t forget to set those timers! 


  • NEW DOGS – We have quite a few new dogs in branch care at the moment. If you are looking for a new addition to your family you can find out further information and view pictures of them all here


  • BRANCH CALENDAR – We have noticed an error on this year’s branch calendar. The dates at the beginning of August show 11th, 13th & 12th. Please accept our apologies for this printing error.


  • PETS @ HOME RAFFLE – Big thanks go out to all our volunteers who helped out at the recent raffle event which was held at the local pets@home store. All proceeds from the raffle will be divided between our branch and Keighley Cat Care. We will let you know the total as soon as we have received confirmation.


  • VOLUNTEER MEETING – The next meeting for volunteers will take place on 9th June at the Glusburn Institute to start at 7.30pm We hope you can all attend.


  • CRUELTY & NEGLECT – Please be aware that local branches cannot deal with cases of cruelty/neglect or sick/injured animals. You can find out how to report these cases here